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Our Roots

Vertiver Sustainability Foundation (VSF) was founded in response to the need for accelerated action on sustainability through deeper public participation and partnerships in India. The team behind VSF, a group of environmentalists, communication strategists, and nature scientists has been working internationally and nationally on various issues of sustainability for the past fifteen years. VSF is affiliated with Vertiver Creative Agency and Iora Ecological Solutions, two leading sustainability firms in India that work extensively on forestry, biodiversity, climate change, sustainable agriculture, water resource management and waste management.


“To empower people to make the best possible decisions for enabling a sustainable future for India.”

Public Health Climate change
Biodiversity loss Food Security
Water scarcity Land degradation

The 2020 Pandemic has brought to focus the interdependence between public health and natural resource health. Policy makers, businesses and other institutional actors must make decisions that achieve the twin goals of resource conservation and improved public health.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to create multi-disciplinary roadmaps and solutions that help achieve sustainable development goals.

We are

A team of multi-disciplinary thinkers who have worked on sustainability issues for many years, knowledge curators and researchers who are inspired and guided by India’s traditional wisdom to envision a sustainable future environmentalists with a unique flair for multi-media storytelling and design thinking to communicate complexity.

Our Approach

The sustainability sector has done itself a disservice by constantly inventing new jargon for simple action. This has led to redundancies and pervasive confusion in the minds of people with regard to identifying and acting on the most effective intervention. We research and curate relevant and practical knowledge that equips stakeholders to act swiftly and effectively to address sustainability issues. Applying tools of participatory and action research we aim to generate new knowledge that enables innovative intervention design and execution.
Ensuring that stakeholders are empowered with relevant knowledge and tools requires multi-disciplinary approaches that cut across science, policy, business and civil society and disseminating this knowledge requires the right mix of advocacy and stakeholder engagement.We build convergent knowledge platforms that inform and educate stakeholders, connecting disparate pieces of the sustainability puzzle into holistic models that enable awareness and action. Our tools include data analysis, applying artificial intelligence for social impact, climate change adaptation and Vulnerability Analysis, techbased engagement and decision making tools.
The complex and interconnected issues of sustainability require the convergence of parallel action across multiple pathways. Coordinating and leveraging these partnerships is critical to enabling mechanisms for successful action. VSF aims to build novel partnerships that leverage resources from different sectors and aligns them towards sustainable action, removing redundancies and overlaps. Through the vast experience of our team working with public and private sector through multi-stakeholder dialogues we aim to co-develop and validate strategies that ensure accelerated action on sustainability across different domains.


Vertiver Sustainability Foundation is proud to have supported the PSA’s office in creating a guide with scientific advice on Positive Mental Health

Our Initiatives

Our Partners